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Smell of Gas / Broken Gas Line
If you think this is urgent or an emergency situation 
please call us on 13 13 52

Interpreter Service (13 14 50) or TTY Service (13 36 77)

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You can not report a gas leak inside a House / Building using this form

If you are safely able to:

Turn off the gas meter - See Instructions
Open all windows
Eliminate all gas ignition sources

Do NOT turn any electrical devices On or Off

Please call us immediately on

13 13 52

If you can smell gas please use the Smell of Gas form to notify ATCO

Open Gas Leak Reporting Form
Altering your Natural Gas Connection

Altering your Meter / Service Position

For details on relocating your gas meter, gas service or if you need to temporarily disconnect or re-connect your gas service please visit the Meter Alteration area of our website or complete the Alteration Request Form.

Alteration Request Form
Disconnecting your Gas Meter

Please review the important information related to disconnecting your gas service at Disconnection and Removal of Gas Meters.

Disconnection & Removal Form
Upgrading your Gas Meter

For upgrades to your Gas Meter or Service, you must first contact your Gas Retailer:

Altering a Pre-Laid Service (PLS)

** For CCF Contractors Only **

For information on relocating a PLS or temporarily disconnecting / reconnecting a PLS service please review the information at Pre-Laid Service Alterations or complete the PLS Alteration Request Form

PLS Alteration Request Form
Connecting to Natural Gas

Connect to Natural Gas
Whether you’re in an established home or building, or in the process of building, it’s easier than ever to get connected. The ATCO website has a number of articles that explain the process of connecting to the WA gas network:

Expected Completion Date
When should my gas connection be completed?

A connection to a New Premise will be completed within 15 business days of the job being received or being taken "off-hold".

A connection for an Established Property will be completed within 5 business days of the job being received or being taken "off-hold".

Request Priority Connection

Update a Connection Job to 'Off-Hold'

Confirm the required actions needed for ATCO to recommence work on an existing job have been completed. Multiple addresses can be updated to Off-Hold using this form.

Update Connection Jobs to Off-Hold
Converting to Natural Gas

eg. Currently using LPG to run cookers in a commercial fish and chip store

ATCO Works

When will the works be completed?

If we’re currently undertaking replacement works in your area, you may notice works being carried out outside your property, then see further works a week or two later. This is normal, as the work is undertaken in stages and usually will take around 2-6 weeks in total. 

Once the final stage of works is complete, reinstatements will be carried out within 10 business days.

I am unhappy with ATCOs works

If you are unhappy with ATCOs works or reinstatement following gas works please complete the following Complaint Form

Complaint Form
Open Trench Booking

I wish to make an Open Trench Booking

The Open Trench Booking Form is suitable for private and/or small developments containing under 16 units. Please contact ATCO’s Land Development Team ( regarding larger sub-divisions.

For more details on booking an Open Trench please visit the Open Trench Request page on our website.

Open Trench Booking Form
I wish to reschedule an existing Open Trench Booking

The newly proposed Open Trench Booking date must be at least 10 business days from the date of the reschedule request.

If you have an urgent booking request please contact ATCO on 13 13 56. There is no guarantee ATCO will be able to process a booking within 10 business days of the reschedule request.

For more details on booking an Open Trench please visit the Open Trench Request page on our website.
I wish to enquiry about an existing Open Trench Booking

Additional information on booking an Open Trench can be found via our website on the Open Trench Request page. If your query is specific to your  

Renewable Energy
Did you know ATCO is taking significant steps around the world in the transition to renewable energy?

To read more on the many projects we are involved in please visit the Australian Renewables section of our website.




Damage to ATCO Property
Thank you for taking the time to notify us!

Please enter the address of the damaged asset (or as close to it as possible) using the address fields below.

Invoice Enquiry Details

Please complete the rest of this form if you have any of the following invoice queries:
  • Setting up a payment plan
  • Why have I received this invoice?
  • I need more information on this invoice' charges
How do I pay my invoice?

You can pay your invoice using the methods below. Alternatively please contact our Accounts Receivable team on (08) 6163 5000.

Pay via Credit Card
Visit PayWay (
Enter Biller Code: 249698
Click on 'Make Payment' and enter your details
Visa and Mastercard accepted


Pay via Bpay
Contact your bank or financial institution to arrange payment
Biller Code: 152264
Reference: 3300003955


Pay via EFT
Account Name: ATCO Gas Australia Pty Ltd
Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB: 036-000
Account Number: 614963
Reference: 330000395

Your remittance should be directed to:
When will I receive my invoice?

Please allow up to 8 weeks for your invoice to be issued, however if you require an invoice urgently please contact our Accounts Receivable team directly by email or phone (08) 6163 5000.
I wish to dispute an invoice

Should you wish to dispute an issued invoice please complete the following form.

Complaint Form
I want to investigate Financial Hardship Support

We all may experience financial hardship at some time. Whatever the cause, you are not alone and we are here to help. Let us know your situation using the fields below.
Invoice requires reissuing to a different party

If you believe an invoice has been incorrectly issued to you, please enter the details of the alternative party together with your reasoning.
Alternative Invoice Owner Details

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