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If you think this is urgent or an emergency situation, please call us on 13 13 52
Speech Icon Interpreter Service (13 14 50) or TTY Service (13 36 77)
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You can not report a gas leak inside a House / Building using this form

If you are safely able to:

Turn off the gas meter - See Instructions
Open all windows
Eliminate all gas ignition sources

Do NOT turn any electrical devices On or Off

Please call us immediately on

13 13 52

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You can not report a gas leak using this form if you can see or hear escaping gas

Please call us immediately on

13 13 52

Finding your Gas Meter Number
Gas Meter Number

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Please contact ATCO immediately regarding the smell of gas

13 13 52

Smell of Gas Location
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West Australian Natural Gas Network

ATCO manages the West Australian natural gas network. If your report relates to an address outside of Western Australia, please contact your state's gas distribution company.


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Gas leaks can pose a safety risk and are very important to resolve as quickly as possible. Occasionally ATCO may need additional information to help locate the smell you are reporting.

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