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Before submitting a connection request, it’s important for power producers to understand all technical and operating requirements. The following documents provide the details. Please review before requesting a connection.

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If the site is not an existing site, please submit a new extension application here and reference the generation application.
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The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) requires all prospective power plant owners who plan to generate electric energy with a power plant capacity less than 1 MW to submit an application to the AUC to become a distributed generator unless the following three conditions are met:
- No person is directly or adversely affected
- The power plant complies with AUC Rule 012: Noise Control
- There is no effect on the environment

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Additional Documents
Customers must provide the Plot Plan with their application in order for a feasibility study and preliminary estimate to be prepared.
Submitting the following documents is not necessary to receive a feasibility study, however will help avoid delays in developing the preliminary estimate.
Please include any information about facilities that may not be identified in the plot plan and may affect the design or installation of your service. Please also comment on any known hazards on site or special permissions required to access the site.